JFK would be a Republican today?

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    This is often preached by rightwingers, given the fact Kennedy cut some taxes. However, supply-siders do no have a monopoly on tax cuts. Kennedy's tax cuts were enacted from a Keynesian perspective to stimulate Aggregate Demand.

    Regardless, lets look at Kennedy's New Frontier.

    (1.) The addition of a temporary thirteen-week supplement to jobless benefits,
    (2.) The extension of aid to the children of unemployed workers,
    (3.) The redevelopment of distressed areas,
    (4.) An increase in Social Security payments and the encouragement of earlier retirement,
    (5.) An increase in the minimum wage and an extension in coverage,
    (6.) The provision of emergency relief to feed grain farmers, and
    (7.) The financing of a comprehensive home-building and slum clearance program

    Kennedy also expanded the FLSA, passed a bill for collective bargaining rights for federal employees, the Federal Salary Reform Act, and the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act.

    As for education, scholarships and loans were extended, passed the The Educational Television Facilities Act, the Vocational Education Act, and an An estimated one-third of all major New Frontier programs made some form of education a vital element.

    As for welfare, unemployment and welfare benefits were extended, SS benefits increased by 20% and extended to 5 million families, free school lunched to poor children, ADC was expanded and replaced with AFDC, food distribution to needy Americans increased, The Self-Employed Individuals Tax Retirement Act was passed, and more.

    As for civil rights, Affirmative Action was passed, discrimination for public housing was outlawed, and discrimination by government contractors were forbidden.

    As for health care, Kennedy passed the Mental Retardation Facilities and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act, the Community Health Services and Facilities Act, The Vaccination Assistance Act, strengthened food and drug laws, among other things.

    As for the environment, The Clean Air Act was passed, made major additions to public parks, and water pollution programs were doubled.

    As for women's equal rights, Kennedy set up PresidentÂ’s Commission on the Status of Women to tackle inequality regarding women.
    New Frontier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    However, some righties think Kennedy would be a Republican today because he passed some tax cuts that were en vogue among the Keynesian during his time.
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    If JFK were a Republican today, Sarah Palin would have his picture on her map,

    with a crosshairs superimposed over it.
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    Reagan would be a Blue Dog Democrat.

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