Jewish bashings in Ukraine

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Aviner, Dec 23, 2010.

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    I’m a Jew and I have a brother in Ukraine. He is a businessman who owns a store chain in the Western part of the country, where a series of Jewish bashings was conducted by a group of Tyahnibok’s followers under the guise of the mass protest action of the business people. Tyahnibok’s Svoboda activists were electively crushing offices and warehouses of the Jewish-businessmen – as it turned out, the business rivals of those people, who organized those bashings. My brother admitted that Jewish dwelling-houses were attacked too and some of Jews were killed... It’s terrible and unacceptable! But Lvov’s nationalist controlled administration refused to consider those events as something criminal, more over it claimed that the death of those Jews was a misadventure. The same crimes were committed by Bandera’s men a few decades ago, but nowadays it’s really shocking. Those events made Ukrainian MIA to start an inspection of Tyahnibok’s actions. It is sad to realize that troublous times may return...

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