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    Quran tells us that ;
    1) Jesus is a prophet of Allah; just like Mohammed ; Moses or David. (Islam tells not to discriminate between Prophets..For the same reason we equally love Jesus as we love Muhammad..It is an article of faith in Islam without which you cannot be a MUSLIM.
    BUT there is something different ; ie that Mohammad is seal of prophets and that no prophet will come after him for guidance..
    2) He is a blessing upon the surah of quran "the dinner table" which fully explain in detail regarding the strory of Jesus and how when the angel appeared to Mary giving her the glad new of being blessed with a son..
    3) Jesus is NOT the son of GOD.ISlam preaches one GOD..
    4) jesus did not die on the cross because GOD has never ever brought harm upon his prophets.Instead he was replaced by some one who resembled jesus..Jesus was taken to heaven and he will come back before the day of judgement and will appear in Palestine (the mosque).He will kill the anti christ ..(Dajjal as muslims call him..He will be greatest enemy of Islam as said by prophet muhammed..he will also spread mischief among the Muslims and christians.)
    5) Jesus is a miracle to mankind since he was born without a father..for the same reason he was also giving the miracle to speak after he was born.
    6) jesus gave the glad tidings of the prophet Ahmed (Muhammed) who will come after him to complete/purify the religion.Thats mentioned in one of the bibles.
    7) The role of christians as mentioned in Quran is the HELPERS of ISLAM..BUt this is certainly not what is hapening today..
    8) Quran tells that Christianity and Judaism like Islam are divine religions and That bible and old testament(zaboor) are divine books liek quran.. so MUST BE RESPECTED...Lastly it also mentions that their followeres made amendemnts in them and fo rthe same reason Quran was given to prphet Muhammad..The only unchanged book for the last 1400 years..(NOt responsible for webpages though)
    9)prphet is Moses is mostly mention in Quran and about the ISrael
    and how God helped them get away from the pheroah.

    I hope this helps a little...
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    Welcome to the board.

    I have not read the Quran, but I have read a lot about it. But here is what Jesus said about himself, as we can read from the eyewitness accounts of his followers:

    1. He was a prophet - and more. David and Moses looked forward to the days of Christ, and in fact, David calls him 'Lord.' So Jesus was obviously greater than David and the prophets, even in their own eyes.
    2. Jesus told people that He was the Son of God. Three times during Jesus's earthly life, God's voice spoke audibly to people proclaiming that Jesus was His son.
    3. Christianity also teaches one God, in three persons.
    4. Jesus certainly died on the cross. His disciples followed him at a distance during his arrest and trial, and watched him die. However, you are right that Jesus was taken to heaven - he ascended there after he rose from the dead. And He's coming back as well.
    5. Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus state that Ahmed (or Mohammed) was coming after him. In fact, Jesus preached that He was the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets (i.e. the Jewish Scriptures or Old Testament).
    6. I don't know who supposedly 'changed' the Bible... but if the Bible is corrupted, as you claim, why then are Muslims charged to respect it as a divine book?

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