Jeepers: Capitalism Horror [Political Cartoons]

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    This is a capitalism horror-tale concept I've been working on for some time now. It seems that yesteryear's Orwellian storytelling (e.g., 1984, Brave New World) has transformed into a new age urbanization/capitalism oriented dominion-invasion fear-fest oriented storytelling (e.g., Urban Legend, Wolf, American Psycho).

    So this tale is really in this new aesthetic trend, featuring a fictional urban capitalism predator named Jeepers (inspired by the 21st Century American horror-concept Jeepers Creepers).

    We see how this fictional capitalism-predator 'Jeepers' who is not really a 'terrorist' but rather an 'urban hellraiser' speaks to our new age social paranoia about the disintegration of empathy in this time of great profiteers (e.g., Bill Gates).

    Since this 'Jeepers' capitalism-tale is a political cartoon really and quite graphic, I wasn't certain if I should post it in the Writing section of USMB or if I could just place it nicely in the Lounge for comments/readership. What do you think?

    Cheers (signing off),

    P.S. - My New Year's resolution --- quitting smoking...


    Evans was walking home from his office on Wall Street when he noticed a strange flying object high above his head. It was raining, and Evans had to push aside his umbrella to gaze at the flying object above his head. It was 11 p.m., and Evans already felt the urge to just get home after deciding to work very late that night. However, this flying object really caught his attention. Evans decided to pull out his mini-flashlight from his trench-coat and shine it up towards the flying object to get a better sight of it, and when he did, Evans was horrified to discover that the flying object was a manlike monstrous being being swarmed by a raven around his head. The man-creature had an eerie zombie-like face and wore a strange hat and raggedy trench-coat and had large bat-like wings. Evans screamed and started running, dropping his umbrella.

    JEEPERS: You're such a perfect witness, Evans...
    EVANS: How'd you know my name? What are you?
    JEEPERS: I'm not Batman...I'm a capitalist-predator!
    EVANS: A what? What do you want with me?
    JEEPERS: I want your head, Evans; I kill stockbrokers and urbanites.
    EVANS: God help me!

    The next day, Evans' co-workers were surprised that the otherwise Bartleby-like urban bureaucrat did not show up for work. Evans' friend Daniel decided to call Evans' apartment, but no one picked up the phone. Daniel called the police and filed a missing-persons report. Daniel wondered what could've happened to his hard-working ambitious stockbroker friend. Daniel met Evans at Yale University where they both studied Economics before joining Wall Street. Daniel had a girlfriend named Shelley, but Evans had on-and-off superficial relationships with random women he'd meet at nightclubs on weekends. Daniel noted that Evans rarely took interest in other human beings and usually immersed himself in his finance/investment work. The next night, Daniel decided to work late too, in honor of his disappeared workaholic friend Evans.

    JEEPERS: You know why I scooped you up, Daniel?
    DANIEL: How'd you know my name? Did you kill Evans?
    JEEPERS: Yes, I did; and I'm going to kill you as well...
    DANIEL: What the hell are you?
    JEEPERS: I'm a messenger from Hell, punishing workaholic stockbrokers.
    DANIEL: Why?
    JEEPERS: America is a land of profiteers, and workaholics create gloom.
    DANIEL: You're a punisher from Hell?
    JEEPERS: That's right! I'm so glad I found you, Daniel...
    DANIEL: I wish I didn't decide to work late in honor of my friend Evans!
    JEEPERS: Too late for moral dreams.

    The next day, Daniel's co-worker friends noted that now Daniel was missing too. Daniel's friend Eli decided to file a missing-persons report with the police. However, Eli decided not to work late that night, since Evans worked late and disappeared and then Daniel worked late and then disappeared as well(!). Instead, Eli took a half-day and went home at about 1:30 p.m, while it was still daylight. It was rainy and gray that day, but Eli had his umbrella. Eli noticed a strange flying object soaring high above his head in the dark gray clouds. It resembled a man-creature with bat-like wings. Eli took a deep breath and muttered to himself while hurrying home, "Maybe God has sent a 'raven' to frighten us modern-day American workaholics and remind us that capitalism is somehow...anti-social!" The next day Eli disappeared, and the string of Wall Street disappearances made national headlines, prompting U.S. President Donald Trump (a former capitalism-baron) to tweet, "Maybe these three stockbrokers were taken by a Communist scourge."



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    You are one sick SOB.

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