Jaws Did 911!!!!!!! Indisputable evidence!!!

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    "Jaws did WTC
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    Artist's representation of Jaws doing WTC (not shown to scale)
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    ~ Michael Moore on learning that Jaws did WTC

    ~ Jews on learning that Jaws did WTC

    “We're gonna need a bigger tower”
    ~ Roy Scheider on learning that Jaws did WTC

    Oh sure, you believe every word of what the media tells you. You happily take what you're being spoonfed at face value. And why not? Why ever think for yourself? Everyone knows that a bunch of Muslims hijacked some planes and flew them into the World Trade Center. Everyone knows there's proof because of what the government says. Just like everyone knows there was proof of Vietnam, RIGHT?! Jeeze, you people are so brainwashed...

    Well, I'm gunna tell you the truth, okay. The absolute, indisputable FACT of the matter. And that truth is that the real attacker is much closer, and much, much realer than any gang of innocent Muslims. Yes my friends, the REAL threat came from America's borders. America's oceanic boarders (specifically those off the coast of Amity Island, technically). A homegrown menace that has been hated for years, and ruined so many lives. Now, as the government lies to us about those tragic events of 7/11, I have only one question for you: can your heart stand the shocking truth? The truth that Jaws did WTC!?[1] "


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