Japan earthquake unleashes prayer Tweets

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    Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com

    The Twitter hash tag #prayforjapan was trending during parts of the weekend and again on Monday morning, drawing many tweets from Japan - and from many other parts of the the world.

    Here's a quick sampling from early Monday:

    Manga University After two days filled with anxiety and despair, we are just incredibly sad right now. Please pray for Japan. #prayforjapan

    Nikki Blade Found out my mate who lives in Japan is fine!!! Thank GOD!!! Praying that everyone else finds their loved ones. #eqjapan #eqjp #prayforjapan

    EmilyRose: my heart is so sad for those in japan. #prayforjapan

    Maine_Val_Erika maine_val Oh My Gosh...watching families being reunited...brings such tears of joy to my eyes!!! God bless...Peace!!! #prayforjapan

    mariamhu1 From the coverage i've seen these Japanese people seem so composed, i dont know if its shock, whilst the world watching cries. #prayforjapan

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