Jang Group demands ban on religious processions

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    Jang Group demands ban on religious processions
    I was shocked, hurt and very dis-appoint due the narrow minded and negative thinking of Jang group has demanded ban on religious procession in Pakistan, the news was published in Jang Canada Edition.

    The entire world is aware that SHIA’s processions are how much peaceful and mourning but who attack on Shia’s procession and who hands are behind helping plus funding them never bring to the media?

    In spite of knowing the reality of Wahabi,s the Jang Group has demanded ban on religious processions, who is responsible but become so Muna ( Innocent ) and wrongly blaming Shia’s which is un-true, mis-leading and baseless.

    Who did bomb blast in Karachi Aushra procession in 2009 ( 2 years back ) but tell honestly Wahabi all expectation and working wrong when the brave Husain’s not become panic with the bomb blast but continue the procession which is I think BIG SLAPE on the face of all Wahabi which pain they still facing and remembering.

    I strong condemn why our Govt protecting and shelter the Wahabi banned group terrorists ( Sipa-e-Sahab ) ( Jaskar-e-Jangavi) all always working against Shia’s and giving anti-publication but Govt silence give a message they can’t do anything because if we caught them than their Boss will become angry so we want to keep happy that reasons still not a single WAHABI Terrorists yet face punishment or hanged whose killed many innocents.
    If anyone read the prophet quote – Hadis “from one common Muslims hand and tongue others life’s and property is safe” but honestly tell in this Hadis where SIPA-E-SAHAB or Jaskar-e-Jangavi Stands, which country is financing to crush Shia’s.

    By the Grace of God and Dua of Fatima-e-Zahra SA Shia’s followers are settle in entire world but anyone have knowledge where is the grave of YAZADI who is Murabad, deserve by calling countless time for ever till judgment day.

    What happen to all cruel leaders Bini Ummiah, Bini Abbas, Saddam Hussain ( Iraq ) Shah of Iran ( Iran ) in past who did their maximum efforts and all means used to crushed the Shia’s but By the Grace of God and Dua of Fatima-e-Zahra SA Shia’s followers are settle in entire world. Enemies of Shia’s never succeed in their aim and always feel pain when Millions of Shia’s busy in Azardi of Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S.

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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