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    Younger Americans might not be aware of the 1961 movie Judgement at Nuremburg; a film about four defendants who were judges in Nazi Germany. In spite of the star-studded cast, I would not recommend it to young movie buffs. J-at-N is an overrated stinker that is highly regarded by liberals.

    The film was accurate in that the defendants were judged by a military tribunal with three American civilian judges presiding. In real life the United States got its authority from Control Council Law No. 10 which can accurately be described as an early attempt to establish “International law.” Wikipedia gives this brief explanation of No. 10:

    I never understood how an agreement reached by four WWII allies can be called law. Call it for what it is; the winners judging the losers, but don’t confuse it with the way most Americans view laws that are legislated in sovereign nations.

    There’s nothing wrong with punishing those responsible for war crimes, but I always thought that they should be tried and punished by the victims in the country where the crimes took place —— not by an international body of any kind.

    Dreaming and scheming

    Socialist intellectuals have been working towards establishing International law since the second half of the 19th century. I believe that J-at-N was the first major propaganda attempt to sell it to the masses. J-at-N was shown on television’s Playhouse 90 before it was made into a theatrical movie.

    After listening to some of the dialogue in the movie it is hard to miss the standard liberal garbage. This excerpt is a little taste of the plug for International law garbage that is sprinkled throughout the movie. Move the cursor to 6:16. Maximilian Schell starts speaking English at 6:57:

    The movie’s attack on love of country is even more offensive than is glorifying International law. That is not to say I put in with the kind of patriotism the Nazis practiced. The not-so-subliminal message that I object to is that patriotism itself was portrayed as the villain; Nazi judges went along out of their love for Germany.

    Hitler came to power on false patriotism. Hussein came to power by paying scant lip service to love of country. Frankly, he did not need patriotism as a stepping stone to power. Had he needed it he would have used it. Luckily for Hussein, and with a lot of help from the media, he avoided a patriotism pissing contest with his opponent John McCain.

    After becoming president it became obvious that Hussein’s patriotism resides in a place other than defense of the nation, the Constitution, and America’s independence. In less than 48 hours the polls will open. Is Hussein’s shadowy patriotism an issue to enough voters to make a difference? I don’t know the answer.

    See this thread for a look at how Democrats use patriotism in much the same way Nazis used it:

    What’s next?

    Everyone who is interested already knows everything they need to know about the mistakes that were made leading up to World War Two. Perhaps now those mistakes, and the military aspect of WWII, can be put in their proper places in order to get on with identifying, and correcting, the mistakes made in WWII’s aftermath. Promoting International law in order to implement the New World Order is one such mistake; the United Nations is another. Funding socialism’s vast education industry propaganda apparatus is another.

    I don’t know where to begin pinpointing the biggest mistake of all: The advance of socialism after the guns fell silent.

    Prior to WWII socialism/communism was stalled. FDR’s incremental socialism was failing and would have been discarded altogether had the war not revived the economy. Pre-war production in 1939 and 1940 gave FDR a third term; America’s entry into the war after Pearl Harbor gave him a fourth term.

    The aftermath of WWII saw Socialists/Communists at home and abroad achieve more success than they ever thought possible prior to 1941. Much of that success began with taking credit for defeating fascism in Nazi Germany. Neither Hollywood propaganda machinery nor anyone else mentioned that Nazi murderers were executed by communist butchers who should have been hanged alongside the Nazis.

    The aftermath off WWII saw socialism morph into liberalism. Liberalism, when it was called progressivism, was always fashionable to effete intellectuals. After 1945 it became a wise career choice for ambitious opportunists in publishing, in Hollywood, and in the young television industry.

    Making sport of Senator Joseph McCarthy (1908 - 1957) was a badge of honor to the new breed of liberals. Attacking McCarthy instead of disputing the things he was saying fooled many Americans into believing that liberals knew what they talking about. To this day, show biz libs attack the messenger but never the message.

    Bottom line: The success of the current Administration’s Communist takeover of America’s government can be traced directly to the mistakes made in the aftermath of World War Two.

    Finally, even if you watched J-at-N in 1961 to be entertained without analyzing the dialogue you were led to the inevitable conclusion: The world must never let such things happen again. “The world” in Liberaldom naturally means a global government administered by the United Nations. Ergo, International law must be obeyed while national sovereignty must be abolished. That piece of propaganda has been doing its insidious dirty work for more than fifty years. That’s a long run for a mistake.
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