It's The Arithmetic, Stupid!

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    The Secretary of the Treasury went onto Sunday Morning, "Meet Some Guy," to point out that most of the U. S. Federal Stimulus money hasn't been spent, yet. Unlike the recent Afghani elections--which were apparently Nobel Laureate, Oslo supported--This is not a done deal, yet.

    In fact, in Afghanistan. . . . .Well!

    So Phase I of the "Recovery" was all of the bail-outs. Phase II Included the immediate pay-check tax-cut relief, and "Cash-for-Clunkers," type of relief, and other checks sent out. The "preservative" restoration of the all of the overpriced teachers and bureaucrats who caused it all: Is also a part of the Phase II. If the rest of Phase II wants nothing to do with it, then that would be Phase III.

    The spending on criminals and fools in California alone: Boggles any sense of proportion, given that large parts of Eastern Africa are starving to death. The California of the Schwarzeneggers not only frittered away all of what they had. Even Vice President Biden came to congratulate California, on even getting more of it, to help shovel things along(?).

    In either hand, including either hand of the Governor: Did any shovel appear?! This was a news conference worth watching. 62,000 non-shovelling workers, called teachers, all full-of-it: Got stimulated, instead.

    So Phase III, (or IV), of the "Recovery" kicks in next year. Starting today, just coincidentally, California's new "Increase of Witholding Tax," commences--as though it were just yesterday, November 1. There will be refunds of those taxes, including in California, and including from people with no liability, (and nation-wide), starting in the Tax Season yet to happen. So that gets the economy through the winter.

    Phase IV, (or V), of the Recovery will be the normalization of housing prices, so that home equity will actually occur again, and then lending will make sense. All kinds of credit practices will 'Normalize(?)," again--just like math.

    Notice that it's all math. A lot of math went to an arithmetic minority in Phases I and II, (and III(?)). Not much happened. "Preservation" happened. Trickle Down still doesn't work, even when the Socialists run it, like in the Old Soviet Eastern Bloc, or in Israel and in the rest of the Middle East.

    In the Middle East , for example, Afghanistan is still. . . . .Afghanistan(!). Nothing happened, even there(?)--and with lots and lots of money: Spent on just a few. Propped up, and created, Central Government needed taxes after that, and so set about creating a new anti-government Jihad: In the Clear, Nobel Laureate Tradition, of Peace-Loving Oslo. They award the prizes, lest anyone forget--from the creator of dynamite and mega-explosives.

    Other good news is that inventory liquidation happened in America, too, (and apparently even in Afghanistan, of the recent elections), just in time for the year-end holidays. Other Nobel Prizes, from Oslo, were awarded. We are all just Afghanis, (and East African drought victims), under the skin--with nothing, any more!

    Phase I arithmetic was for the failed system creators. Phase II (and even III(?), which is more complex) was arithmetic for the failed system creators. Phases III(?) and IV(?), (or IV and V), are for the victims. These are the victims of the bailed-out in Phases I, and II, (who tend to be supportive of the bailed-out in I), and maybe III, (Partialled out, and differently supportive from the bailed-out in II. . . of I(?))

    Again: See Afghanistan! See the arithmetic. Even at the Ivy League, they know how to do this.

    In America, we are having elections, also. Most recently, in New York, the Republican dropped out in support of the Democrat: Since all of the Republicans were campaigning for the Independent(?). Only in Connecticut, could that happen(?). But in America, at least the candidates, do show up. There is arithmetic, even in showing up!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!)
    (Land where our father's died, Because the Pilgrims Lied, from newborns who have-ever cried--Look and See, Just, Why!)
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