It's Election Day! (everyone sing along...)

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    "Two parties, both united and divided
    Plague America, a civil war machine
    Competing, till the final vote's decided by
    Control of the Electors, sight unseen
    Like Romeo and Juliet,
    Perhaps the parties never should have met!"

    Scene One (from Juliet & Romeo: A Plague, I mean, A Play on Life in America)
    Juliet & Romeo: A Play on Life in America

    "It's Election Day" (to the tune of "It's a Typical Day" from Li'l Abner)

    [CHORUS/Anti-Govt Rioters]:
    Hey! It’s Election Day! All across the U.S.A.,
    Where political folk do things in ridiculous ways!
    We spend millions on silly campaigns!
    Instead of investing in change!

    We let the majority whip the minority, Hoping nobody complains!
    And then we tune in to what Rush Limbaugh has to say!
    We do it this way, the American way! Hooray! for Election Day!

    [POLICE break up the riot]:
    (BANG!) You don’t elect your local police,
    Trained to shoot (BANG!) for justice and peace!
    Your tax dollars hire me and later retire me
    To put younger guns on the streets!

    We execute orders your judges are paid to say!
    From the Presidency to the Military, the Force will keep you free!

    [Homeless man on soapbox]:
    I’m your Congress! I make the laws!
    (Never mind the Establishment clause!)
    I run with the big PACs to write private contracts
    On behalf of the masses because

    I represent ignorant people who pay my way
    To stand up in DC and write bad policy
    To MOCK democracy!
    [Police drag him off stage]

    [Legal Abuse Protestor]:
    Come now to Court for legal redress!
    Unless you value free speech and press!
    You must submit your petitions by strict definitions
    And still make the deadlines, oh yes!
    This system of justice presides over church and state!

    [Crowd dunks Govt Agent in public fountain]:
    Whether you go to church or state school,
    You should know the old Golden Rule!
    But this law was never meant to govern the Government,
    Thrown in a separate pool!
    Abridging our right to assemble more peaceably!

    [Govt Agent]: Don't blame it on me if my whole Agency
    Should also file for 501(c)(3)!

    [Occupy Protests]:
    Do away with the Federal Reserve!
    Fund the arts to protect and to serve
    Public education, not dumb legislation
    That disrupts more peace than it preserves!

    Creative alternatives may be the only way
    To reduce violent crime while we fight to kill time

    From Election to Election Day!
    [CHORUS, tossing bills and billets up in the air,
    ALL shout]: HOORAY!!!

    [CHORUS scatters off-stage and run through the audience, passing out flyers and collecting donations to feed homeless starving actors this play was written to create jobs for. Full script posted at Juliet & Romeo: A Play on Life in America to use for charitable outreach to rebuild America.]

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