It’s dangerous to have a base in Tajikistan

Discussion in 'Military' started by Mikey69, Feb 15, 2012.

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    US want to enforce its presence in Central Asia and military base in Tajikistan is a good way to do so, but is it really good idea? Tajik military personnel will be trained in Pakistan’s military institutes. After US killed bin Laden on Pakistan’s territory relations between two countries became strained and mind of Tajik president Rahmon change fast as well as his many-sided policy... Many experts and common people say that American base in Tajikistan will be a target of Paki and other extremists and no one will guarantee safety of the US base in Tajikistan. Maybe it’s better to abandon this idea? Remember, even allegedly loyal Afghanis killed foreign soldiers and what will happen after Tajik military men will return after training in hostile Pakistan?

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