It seems that it is people like us (or me) who control the Earth ? !!!

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    If I listen to them, abroad, in countries where we are not liked, and where people are encouraged to hate us, it is people like you and me who are responsible for their problems and who have power. The friends of Bin Laden call us “crossed Jews”. We well know, even if it is not stated anywhere, including in our western media, that most of the power and in particular financial power is held by people who do not practice or respect any major spirituality or traditional religion, neither variations of Christianity nor the Jewish faith. Very powerful people in our countries have received religious training, but when that is the case, it was in their childhood and they no longer take it into account. Some have changed religions, and few important leaders follow the teachings of churches, synagogues, or other traditional faiths in other countries or here.

    Others delve into occult practices in their search for power; some are even Satan worshipers. Ask people in show business about important artists. They are seeking to maximize profits, preoccupied by their commercial careers, and when they do not voluntarily swear, they do not practice any religion. The same is true for politicians. And I should accept to be identified with them, accept that I resemble them. These young people, often of the jet set, born into the upper class, who we see on TV shows, these children of politicians who wear often wear metal rings on their noise, tongue and on various parts (that I don’t want to name often) of their bodies, are reportedly examples of significant Christians!!, because obviously it is Christianity that is most often targeted. Because sometime they believe in God, you say, really ??. They want me to believe all that!

    I must say, I must repeat, that I do not want to get a complex because of the behavior or decisions made by those people who give orders and who set the example. Most political, media, or financial power is held by the rich (often the nouveau riche), but who never try to respect any divine law because they never think about it, and are only preoccupied by what they call success. They seek to obtain the most pleasure out of life for the short term afterwards.

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