Israeli settlers get a taste of their own medicine

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    For sixty one years the Palestinian population living in Israel have lived as Second Class Citizens. Closures, checkpoints, harrasment by local authorities have become a part of everyday life for these people.

    In more recent years we saw the erection of the wall of apartheid built mainly on Palestinian lands, shrinking their territory even more than it already has been. We have also witnessed the establishment of illegal settlements, built on lands stolen from the Palestinians. We have seen Palestinian owned olive groves destroyed to make room for these settlements.

    Since the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI to the Holy Land we have seen the Jewish settlers in some of these areas get a taste of their own medicine. The day the Pope arrived, his helicopter landed near the access road to Ma’aleh Adomim. That day, access was cut off…. to and from that area. Today, the Pope is visiting Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, and the deathplace of Democracy in the Occupied Territories. To insure the safety of the Pontiff, all access to another illegal settlement close by, Har Homa, is forbidden. Residents cannot get to work on time or at all today. Children cannot get to school on time or at all today…… Israeli settlers are living under a closure today.

    They are angry about it…. they are frustrated about it. For the first time in 61 years they are treated like Second Class Citizens….. and they don’t like it one bit. How do they think the Palestinians feel about this? Closures and checkpoints means hours of delays in getting to wherever they have to get to. The wall itself cuts communities apart, making it virtually impossible for families to get together. In many instances, schools, hospitals and other essential places are not accessible to these people….. EVERY DAY…… not just when the Pope visits.

    Will this open the hearts and minds of the Israeli settlers? I doubt it. In fact they will probably think of reasons why the Palestinians themselves are behind the closure they are enduring today………..

    What will it take for the settlers to see that they, as well as the Palestinians, are nothing but ‘pawns in the game’? They are being used by the zioregime to achieve their goals of total domination of the area. Right now they are caught in a ’stalemate’ of that game as zionism cannot afford to alienate itself any further than it already is.

    What will it take for these people to see that there is a common enemy? When will the Jewish population of Israel come to the realisation that both they and the Palestinians have a common enemy. Zionism is destroying any remaining fabric of Democracy in the Middle East…. it must be stopped.

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