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    What is the difference between Hamas Party and Likud Party? Both are parties of the extremists that don’t recognize the rights of the people on the other side. The Israeli and United States government are doing there best to see that the Hamas Party has a strong showing in January election. The Zionists and Likud Party do not recognize the Palestinian people’s right to there own nation. They use the Torah turning God into a real state broker, who gives the Holy Land exclusively to the Jewish people. Only recently did the Israeli government recognize the Palestinian people where before they were only known as Arabs or Jordanians.

    American Jewish Temples, Jewish groups large and small with the support of Christians and Jewish people alike finance the Jewish extremist movement for the Greater State of Israel.

    At the end of Prime Minister Sharon political career he moved away from the Likud Party’s Platform realizing it be in the best interest of long-term security for the State of Israel. In 1998 the Jewish Holocaust victims won a 1.25 settlement against the Swiss banks.

    Today the Palestinian people are the victims of the Israeli governments policies and actions over the last 58+ years. The Israeli want to be the victim and victor, you can’t have it both ways. The Israeli have become a regional nuclear military super power that has bombed all of her neighbors as well as Iraq. The Israeli government says it will bomb Iran Nuclear program. The American-Israeli government’s Middle East Policies and actions are putting the people in the world of great danger.

    Without American straightening out her problems at home there will be no end to the war we fight on Israel behalf as well as oil. According to the CIA the United States spends over 276 billion dollars on military expenditures with total in the world’s military expenditures being just over 741 billions dollars.

    Only by getting the Washington’s lobbies out of the pockets of the politicians. Will common sense become part of the decision making process in government. The Israeli, Military Industrial Complex, Energy, as well as many other lobbies have corrupted the American political system.

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