Israeli attack on Sudan: A high price !

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    Israel has not belittle Sudan’s reaction to its flagrant aggression for the fourth time. The jewish state is pmpous and proud of military capabilities, although its history is full of defeats.

    The Sudanese reaction to the reckless behavior is left for the suitable time and place where Israel will pay very high price for its aggressions.

    Sudan has never thought of Israel as a frined and and in same time it has never shown hostile act despite the Israeli repeated aggressions.

    It deems that Israel has lost its mind. Israel hasnot recognized’s Sudan’s human resources and location as the bridge to Africa and the Arab world. Sudan is able to mobilize the millions of people who will fearlessly fight Israel which lead anxious and fearful life.

    The sterngh of a country doesn’t lie in the number airacrafts which attack and escape mid night, artillaries or missiles. The will of the people is mightier than than that togther.

    Israel was deafted twice in South Lbenon in 2000 and 2006 by Hezbollah. Despite the military capabilities, Isreal was forced to withdraw from South Lebanon. It defeated againt by Hamas and other Palestinina factions – Al Qassam and Jihad Mocvements.

    Israel remembers these humiliating defeats desite the war crimes and war against humanity it has committed in Ghaza.Jut wait and see Sudan’s painful reaction !
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