Israel - America's Strategic Liability

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    Israel has 300 nuclear warheads and wants the U.S. to attack Iran who has none, nor the ability to create one.

    Israel is the biggest violator of U.N. international law.

    Israel forged documents about Iraqi yellow cake uranium.

    Israel forged documents on a fake laptop it said it got from Iran. The computer and documents were discredited..

    Israel slaughters peace activists and massacred civilians in refugee camps.

    Israel slaughtered American naval personnel by attacking a U.S surveillance ship in international waters. It napalmed, rocketed, machine-gunned and used cannon fire before torpedoing the ship. It then machine-gunned survivors swimming in the water and on life rafts.

    The Zionist-controlled media and the traitor Lyndon Johnson conducted a cover-up. Recent documents have proven Israel knew it was an American ship. Google U.S.S Liberty and discover the truth.

    Go see the Google video If Americans Knew.

    Israel conducts torture, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.

    Israel has reduces Gaza and the West Bank into open air concentration camps where it slaughters Palestinians in military operations conducted against civilian targets.

    It shoots and ambulances and denies treatment and medicine to Palestinians.

    Israel controls the U.S. media and has its crimes against humanity hidden by the Amerian media. This disinformation campaign is unlike anything in any other country.

    Meanwhile, Israel conducts espionage against America. Sells its military secrets to China and works to lie America into war.

    They constantly mock as conspiracy theories any mention of their cabals, but then they are the first ones to cry about Muslim boogeymen while having the 4th largest military in the world and 300 nuclear warheads they regularly use to blackmail America’s foreign policy.

    America needs to end the “Special Relationship” and conduct an American First foreign policy.

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