Islamic Republic of Iran is quietly preparing 40.000 “human bombs”

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    PARIS, 15 July (IPS) As the European Union and many other nations in the world observed two minutes of silence on 14 July 2005 commemorating and mourning the victims of the 7 July terrorist attacks in London, the Islamic Republic of Iran is quietly preparing 40.000 “human bombs” to be used against the West, targeting in particular Israel and the United States.

    The London operations were carried out by at least 4 Muslim “kamikazes”, all Pakistani Muslims born in England, killing 54 and wounding more than 300 passengers of tubes and a bus.

    The attack was a remake of the 11 March 2004 explosions in commuter trains in Madrid that killed almost 200 and wounded 1.800 others, with the difference that the Madrid bombing was the world of Muslims coming North Africa, mostly from Morocco, while in London, the terrorists were Muslim Britons.

    But while the West says it is “more determined than ever” to fight Muslim terrorism, authorities in the clerical-led Islamic Republic of Iran admits openly that they are to form hundred of thousands of what they describe as “human time bombs” to be used against Americans and “Zionists occupiers of Palestine.

    On July 2, 2005, the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV broadcast a report on an Iranian movement of suicide bombers with the aim of targeting Americans in Iraq and Israel. The volunteers said they wanted to carry out martyrdom operations to liberate Islamic lands and stated that so far 40,000 "time bombs" have been recruited.

    According to the chairman and spokesman of The World Islamic Organization's Headquarters for Remembering the Shahids, Mohammad Ali Samadi, his organization began recruiting suicide bombers about a year and a half ago, as reported by MEMRI last year. Since then, he has engaged in organizing conventions, registering volunteer suicide bombers online, and providing guidance and training for martyrdom operations.

    The organization's supporters, and those participating in its activities, include public figures, such as Mehdi Kouchak-Zadeh, from the prominent conservative party Coalition of Iran's Developers (Abadgoran) which backed Iranian President-Elect Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nezhad and Revolutionary Guards officers such as General Salami, head of The Revolutionary Guards Headquarters for Strategic Operations.

    “The aim and objectives of the movement is to defend sisters and brothers all over the world. To carry out our mission, we do not need authorisation from any body, any authority, as we are acting on directives from our late leader Grand Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, (who) ordering us to destroy the occupiers (Israel) of the sacred Qods (Jerusalem), a spokeswoman explained to Al-Arabiya, speaking in Farsi, adding that every good Muslim was welcome to the WIOHRS, “Shi’a or Sunni alike”.

    The Organisation was formed in Tehran after last year’s fighting between American forces with the supporters of the Iran-backed rebel cleric Moqtada Sadr in Najaf and Karbala, the two holiest places for the world’s 200 Shi’as.

    Even though that the spokesmen for the Organization insists that they have “nothing to do” with the Iranian government, but there is no doubt that they have the full support from powerful hard line senior clerics, as they are allowed to recruit in the open and use facilities from the Revolutionary Guards for the training of the militants, giving them theoretical and tactical and operational instructions, including suicide operations, like those carried in Madrid and London.

    Although leaders of the organization assure that they have not sent any brigade abroad to carry out missions, but also they warn that the goal of their movement, “supporting the struggle of Palestinian brethren and all other Muslim freedom fighters anywhere in the world is not symbolic”.

    The London Arabic-language daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported in June 2004 that a group sent from Iran on a suicide mission to Iraq had apparently been apprehended and handed over to British forces in Iraq.

    The interviewees on the program also underlined the "successful" cooperation between the organization and the Palestinian movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

    “The Zionist regime has no respect and regard for Muslim and Islamic nations, it thinks it is powerful, but we are not afraid of it, since we have more powerful weapons, which are our suiciders, or human time bombs”, the spokeswoman told the satellite television. ENDS IRAN BOMBERS 15705
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    I doubt their claims of such numbers, Fortunately for us terrorism is not something that ever involves large numbers of people, it invloves cells but most importantly it involves people who slip in quietly. We shouldnt underestimate them under any circumstances, even though their intent may only be to cause panic.

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