Is this political radio show Moderate enough?

Discussion in 'Media' started by emilynghiem, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Dear USMB:
    I am having an argument with a friend, who doesn't think he can call like he used to
    into a certain political talk show without running into a hostile environment. He blames the
    talk show host for having a "them vs. us" attitude EXCLUDING and bashing the other side.

    I told him the problem was equally with HIM.
    As long as HE ALSO comes in with the SAME "them vs. us" attitude,
    that is why they BOTH clash with each other.

    Other people DON'T necessarily have this same problem.
    Other callers call in and AREN'T treated as combatants.

    Just because someone is biased, or even hostile one way and against your viewpoint,
    doesn't mean you have to conflict with each other by BOTH having a
    "them vs. us" attitude. It's a mutual problem with BOTH people.

    I told him as long as ONE person has the WE approach, you don't have to clash, but can align on common points and then ADD the different information from the so called hostile source.

    I said I do this ALL the time. (But then this is why he started accusing ME of being rightwing and on the same side, but I told him I add in my viewpoints that point to SOLUTIONS that NEITHER side is addressing, so I align with people on all sides based on the CONSTITUTION.)

    Anyway, if there is anyone out there who is either
    LIBERAL Libertarian/Constitutionalist
    Pro-health care bill
    and who feels comfortable talking with fellow moderates from both right and left
    on a WE basis and do not feel excluded if someone blames the media for leaning left,

    Could you please listen in to the talk show (streams online, or it may broadcast live on radio on 55 affiliate stations around the country) and let me know if you think the show is
    CLOSED MINDED and EXCLUSIVE of liberal callers

    Thanks for your help

    The links to the political media talk show are
    Home Page
    News Talk 1070 AM KNTH "Talk Back Weekend With Chris X"
    Saturdays 12 midnight-2 AM
    (depends on your time zone)
    Toll-free number to call during the show
    1-866-606-TALK (do NOT call 1-800)

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