Is there really an Economic Crisis?

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    You wouldn't know it if you were a New York Times reader. Here are the top ten New York Times stories emailed over the past seven days. 6 of 10 are on Governor Palin:

    1. OPINIONSEPTEMBER 21, 2008 Maureen Dowd: Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet By MAUREEN DOWD. What if Barack Obama turned to former President Jed Bartlet of the “West Wing” for some fatherly wisdom?
    2. OPINIONSEPTEMBER 26, 2008 Editorial Observer: Wasilla Watch: Sarah Palin and the Rape Kits
    By DOROTHY SAMUELS Voters should know if sexual-assault victims in Wasilla, Alaska, were being billed for the cost of rape kits and forensic exams while Sarah Palin was mayor.
    3. OPINIONSEPTEMBER 27, 2008 Bob Herbert: Palin’s Words Raise Red Flags
    By BOB HERBERT If Gov. Sarah Palin’s fumbled interviews are an accurate reflection of her qualifications, John McCain should find a replacement on the ticket.
    4.OPINIONSEPTEMBER 28, 2008 Frank Rich: McCain’s Suspension Bridge to Nowhere By FRANK RICH John McCain may be the first presidential candidate in our history to risk wrecking the country even before being voted into the Oval Office.
    5. OPINIONSEPTEMBER 25, 2008 Roger Cohen: Palin’s American Exception By ROGER COHEN Sarah Palin loves the word “exceptional.” She may be onto something in her batty way: the election is very much about American exceptionalism.
    6. BUSINESS / WORLD BUSINESSSEPTEMBER 23, 2008 Stopping a Financial Crisis, the Swedish Way By CARTER DOUGHERTY When they faced a financial crisis similar to the United States’ in the early 1990s, Sweden took equity in the banks to protect taxpayers.
    7. OPINIONSEPTEMBER 22, 2008 Editorial Observer: Barack Obama, John McCain and the Language of Race By BRENT STAPLES The discomfort with certain forms of black assertiveness is too deeply rooted in the national psyche to just disappear.
    8. OPINIONSEPTEMBER 24, 2008 Thomas L. Friedman: Dear Iraqi Friends By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN As Americans lose their homes and sink into debt, they no longer understand why we are spending $1 billion a day to make Iraqis feel more secure in their homes.
    9. OPINIONSEPTEMBER 25, 2008 Judith Warner: Poor Sarah By Judith Warner
    In a recent photo of Sarah Palin meeting with Henry Kissenger, Judith Warner sees someone she can sympathize with: a woman fully aware that she is out of her league.
    10. OPINIONSEPTEMBER 24, 2008 Maureen Dowd: Park Avenue Diplomacy By MAUREEN DOWD
    Gov. Sarah Palin and Henry Kissinger made an odd couple on Tuesday: the last impure Rockefeller Republican and the first pure Rovian Republican.

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