Is the American public ready for Private Eye?

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    Is America ready for the investigative journal that has, since its inception in 1961, seen more people jailed for corruption, fraud and perjury, as a result of its investigative journalism than any other publication in the world? And whose editor, Ian Hislop, is the most sued man in English libel history.

    For those of you who don't know, Private Eye was founded in 1961 by Richard Ingrams, Willie Rushton, Christopher Booker and Paul Foot, funding was provided by Peter Usbourne and the eccentric, yet world famous comedian, Peter Cook.

    The investigative journalism is notoriously accurate and nearly always picks-up on a scoop years before any other paper. Indeed, the business columnist who writes anonymously under the byline 'Slicker', is so well repected for his insight, that his column is required reading at the US SEC, the Serious Fraud Squad, City of London Economic Crime Squad and the F.B.I. So much so, that after Judge Denny Chin sentenced Bernie Madoff, he said he looked forward to reading what Private Eye's 'Slicker' wrote on the verdict.

    Private Eye prints the stories that the governments, establishments and wealthy people all over the world don't want made public, but rarely challenge because they know that Private Eye is nearly always right.

    Private Eye currently has a very small number of subscribers in America, and is mainly distributed around the U.K, commonwealth and and Europe. But the question is: is America ready for such a level of of official and celebrity scrutiny?

    Here's the editor in action. His fellow panelists were all high ranking politicians or senior civil servants when these were filmed. The programme is called Question Time and it's a weekly platform where politicians are grilled mercilessly.

    Private Eye

    [ame=""]Hislop on the global recession, Sarah Palin and the Labour Party.[/ame]

    [ame=""]More Hislop, the man's a beast![/ame]
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