Is it possible that President Obama is SOOOO bad that he's good news in disguise?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Liability, Jun 10, 2010.

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    I don't know if this was a sudden flash of insight or if it's the after-effect of some pain meds I have to take.

    But, noting that there is often an ironic kind of poetic-justice being perpetrated on us all in some Karma kinda way, and that God works in mysterious ways, I was thinking about how bad President Obama is for this country. Looking at JUST his love affair with massive debt and government spending and ever-increasing taxation, it is clear to those who aren't just blind Obamaphiles that we are heading down a VERY dangerous dark road without headlights or breaks, at mind numbing speeds.

    Then, I thought, 'it's really just a difference in degree.' I mean, in all fairness to our friends on the left side of the political spectrum, it's not like we who are anywhere to the right of center have been all that good at REFRAINING from excessive spending or accumulating unconscionable debt or collecting taxes (even if on that last note the Republicans did at least try to cut taxes occasionally).

    Then I realized that whether it happens at break-neck speeds under President Obama and the overly liberal Democrats or more slowly over a longer period of time under a bunch of RINOS, we're still heading in the same direction either way and likely to end up in the same place (over the cliff and crushed on impact somewhere way down in the valley).

    Then it dawned on me. :idea: MAYBE this is an illustration of (ironically) President Obama actually being good news! He has gotten people to take notice and to be alarmed. Surely this is not what he wants. It's not by design. It's just the outcome he cannot avoid.

    And it would constitute good news for America if it causes us to snap out of this lethargy and to start doing something proactive to take back our government from these lunatics.

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