Is Gay Activist Mark Rogers Behind The Foley “Outing”?

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    Is Gay Activist Mark Rogers Behind The Foley “Outing”?

    In a post at his Blogactive website, Michael Rogers seems to want to take a bow for his noble work:

    Good news... Bad news...

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    Well the good news is that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is finally getting it. I called their Director of Communications, Bill Burton, before the Foley story broke to let him know about Foley (and another case) were coming down the pike. While Burton promised to have someone email or return my call and didn't, I am glad he followed up on my call and was ready on Friday to come out of the gate running.

    The bad new is they are still not paying enough attention... There are others within reach... If the Democrats would only fight half as hard as the Republicans.

    I posted comments at the DCCC website on the Foley entry. Not only do their promises of returned calls and emails never come to fruition, but now they are deleting my comments from their blog, The Stakeholder.

    Luckily the comments were cached before they axed them.

    Here's the one I put up at 9:55pm:

    Here's the one I put up at 10:02pm:

    Well, at least they are paying attention.

    And how telling it is that the Stakeholder, the homepage of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) would delete his posts.

    Mr. Rogers and his friends have been on this mission for several years now.

    From a two year old article in the gay advocacy giveaway, the Washington (DC) Blade:


    Blade Caption: Florida Congressman Mark Foley (R) has vowed to vote against the Federal Marriage Amendment, but gay activist John Aravosis said he decided to out the congressman anyway because Foley supports the re-election of President Bush.

    There's a bit more on this at the site....
    There also talking about this at this Rogers website....

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