Is Deregulation responsible for WarmerGate?

Discussion in 'Environment' started by CrusaderFrank, Dec 21, 2009.

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    I think Booooooosh (we hates him forever! He stole the precious Florida chadsssss! We hatesss himmm!) is to blame.

    If the Scientific research were properly regulated, there would have been protocols and 450 pages of regulations on how far away you could set a Man-made Global Warming Thermometer from the exhaust duct at a smelting plant.

    There would have been rules on when, if at all, you could throw out readings that did not concur with your foregone conclusion that deminimus increases in the atmospheric trace element CO2 were the leading and only cause of Global Warming

    And finally, there would have been rules on how long you had to retain the data so others could review your work, hopefully longer than the 5 minutes East Angelic retained the data.

    Yes, I lay WarmerGate at the feet of Boooooooooosh and his insane drive to deregulate everything
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