is 2% good

Discussion in 'Economy' started by jeffex, Mar 20, 2008.

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    So the FED lends money to the banks @ 2%(almost there now) to bail them out and they in turn offer 30 yr home mortgages @ 4% and bails out America. the banks earn 2% which is better than nothing and America re-sets itself . A one time only mulligan for everyone. I don't want to be left out even though I didn't f-up and get a balloOn mortgage. We stop the devaluation of the dollar from constantly increasing the money supply and HUD doesn't become the biggest landlord in history. Now granted we return to the previous standards for lending and develope strict guidlines for lenders. Banks and lending institutions would be required to offer counceling on improving credit scores and meeting the stricter guidelines like 28% of gross income like before this mess. Part of their punishment for GREED. what worked before can work again. talk about spurring the economy . that would be better than the $600 rebate of my own money.

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