Irey To Murtha: Do You Approve Of Using

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    (MONONGAHELA, July 12) – Washington County Commissioner and Pennsylvania 12th district Republican Congressional nominee Diana Irey – responding to a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising video using images of caskets of fallen American soldiers – today released the following statement:

    “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this week sent out a fundraising video using images of caskets of fallen American soldiers. Raising campaign cash off the deaths of our honored dead is revolting. Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel should be ashamed of themselves – and so should any Democrat who stands for this.

    “Consequently, I have a new question for Jack Murtha today: Do you approve of exploiting fallen American heroes for political fundraising purposes? If not, will you join me in demanding that Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel apologize, and then insist that the DCCC forward any funds raised off this disgusting solicitation to appropriate charities?”

    The DCCC video can be seen here:

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