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    As we all know, we are in the middle of a political season, where moderates have never been more radical, and we have a sitting leader that hasn't been this hated by socialists since The Gimper. (And that's saying something).

    This nation was attacked by terrorists. They were at war with us. We weren't at war with them. After the attack, we are. This war is against all terrorist networks and all terrorist regimes. It doesn't end with al-Qaeda.

    In Afghanistan, with a few thousand (actually a few hundred) special forces, we did in a few weeks what the Soviet Union couldn't do in ten years. The Taliban was overthrown from power. The terrorist network it sheltered was greatly dismantled. Osama's top men were captured and killed. His funds were cut. His camps were destroyed. His state sponsorship was ended.

    We then uped the ante in the War on Terror and turned to a strategic problem for over ten years. Saddam Hussein, a man that funded terrorists, a man that sponsored terrorists, a man that sheltered terrorists. Saddam Hussein, a man that used weapons of mass destruction on his neighbors and his own people, a man that admitted to using weapons of mass destruction, a man that admitted to having weapons of mass destruction and never accounted for them. Saddam Hussein, a man that violated 17 war treaties 333 times, a man that slaughtered his own people, a man that was claimed to be in material breach and have WMD by the UNSC and by every major European, Asian, and Arab country.

    This mass murdering, all-powerful man was removed from power in 21 days. He went from ruling his country with fear and living in 50 different mansions, to hiding in a hole and giving up like a chicken. His nation was defeated. His regime was destroyed. His sons were killed.

    Now, we're engaged in a new phase, trying to bring an unprecedented era to the depressed Arab people of Iraq. We're trying to change their political structure... one that doesn't hang women naked upside down, during their periods, in a public square... one that doesn't gas its own people, one where the Iraqi people have a say in everything.

    Yet, during this political season, we're hearing comparisons to Vietnam. "We're bogged down," as if our soldiers are sleeping with no food and no water in the jungles of Vietnam, instead of sleeping in their beds at night. People are saying what Vietnam was to the Cold War, Iraq is to the War on Terror. People are saying what Afghanistan was to the Soviets, Iraq is to us.

    The terrorists think that. They know what is on the table. But let's take a real look at if Iraq and Vietnam are the same in any way...

    - In Vietnam, guerrillas hid in the shadows and jungles. In Iraq, the terrorists are tracked down at night and right now in Fallujah, are out in the open.

    - The VC controlled North Vietnam. We are in control of 99% of Iraq.

    - The VC had a military and was backed by two superpowers, the Soviets and China. Saddam's military ran away and for bounty, they are the guys fighting us.

    - All of Vietnam opposed American forces there, even the South. The overwhelming majority of Iraqis want us there until democracy is established and security is in place, then they want us to leave, which is totally understandable. But you'll see... on June 30th, when the Iraqis have the power to tell us to leave, they'll want us to stay.

    - We didn't know what we were doing in Vietnam. In Iraq, as well as the rest of the Global War on Terror, Donald Rumsfeld is a military genious and will go down as the man that transformed the American military to confront our 21st Century threats.

    - In Vietnam, major military combat continued for years and years. In Iraq, the invasion, the major military fight, was over in weeks.

    - In Vietnam, we fought communism and defend people who lived under a corrupt and non-democratic regime. In Iraq, we're fighting terrorism and defending people who have already been liberated.

    - In Vietnam, over 6,000 Americans died each year and 58,000 died overall, with 3 million Veitnamese casualties. In Iraq, we've lost about 600 troops, and about 40% of those troops died from non-combat reasons. And innocent civilian casualties in Iraq is at an all-time low, from any war, ever waged.

    Comparisons of post war Iraq could be compared to post war Germany and Japan. We are much further, at this point, in Iraq than we were in Germany and Japan. In Iraq, unlike Vietnam, we have a much higher stake. We were attacked by terrorists. Our mindset won't weaken, no matter what your liberal socialist media wants to spew at the public.

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