Iraqi Leaders Restrict U.S. Troop Movements, Activities

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    how come DUmbass ain't bringing the troops home like he promised?

    When U.S. troops gave up their posts in Iraqi cities this summer, it turns out that's not all they gave up — at least in the eyes of Iraqi officials.

    The Iraqi government, in a strict application of its security agreement with the United States, has placed additional restrictions on the movement of U.S. troops, according to a report by the Washington Post.

    The Post cites what it calls a "curt missive" dated July 2 from the Baghdad Operations Command ordering U.S. military leaders to "stop all joint patrols" in the capital, carry out resupply missions only at night and notify Iraqi leaders immediately if there have been any violations of the security agreement

    Iraqi Leaders Restrict U.S. Troop Movements, Activities - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News -

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