Iranian VP Presents Comprehensive Plan to Confront US Sanctions

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    The 12-package plan was designed upon an order by President Rouhani to the Planning and Budget Organization to propose solutions to the government to confront the impacts of the US sanctions.

    The packages proposed by Nobakht include:

    1: Studying impacts of different sanctions scenarios and giving specific tasks to each executive body on how to confront them.

    2: Assessment of impacts of sanctions on the general budget and scenarios to compensate

    3: Ways to control and manage the growth of liquidity

    4: A plan to secure energy supplies under sanctions

    5: A plan to supply essential and necessary goods and commodities for the public

    6: Plans for sea, railway and air transportation under sanctions

    7: Plans for industry, mines and trade under sanctions

    8: Methods to transfer the government's excessive properties to people (stocks and surplus real estate)

    9: Facilitated public and private partnership to implement development plans

    10: A plan to supply means of living for the poor and decrease absolute poverty

    11: Plans to increase production and wide job creation

    12: Preparation of special solutions to confront sanctions in the ICT and IT sector

    In his letter, Nobakht underlined that other parts of the comprehensive plan to confront sanctions will be presented to President Rouhani after finalization.


    With the goal of being sanction proof.

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