Iranian missiles on Iraqi soil to defend Syria

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    Sat, June 30/2012

    Baghdad / Orr News: In the framework of security and military cooperation between Baghdad and Tehran, sources in the Ministry of Defence that an Iranian military delegation will visit Baghdad during the next few days to conclude a security agreement between the two countries.

    According to the sources, the delegation: "will discuss with senior officials in Baghdad to provide Iraq with missiles and experts to oversee the installation and training Iraqi cadres in the framework of a security agreement between the two countries."

    While most likely a military expert Mohammed vegetation to be within the system to strengthen the Iraqi air defenses, some observers believe the conclusion of a security agreement between Baghdad and Tehran would raise the objection states announced their support for the will of the Syrian people to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad, as they believed the possibility of using Iranian missiles released from land Iraqi raids against any air strike on Syria, in case there is an agreement on the adoption of an international military option.

    Revealed Iraqi military sources informed that the delegation of Iran's military will display three files essential for military cooperation is, file joint exercises especially in the waters of Persian Gulf, where Iran has promised to Iraq in support of navy, practice file, where it offered Tehran to receive thousands of Iraqi military a year to be trained in military academies Iran on some Iranian weapons and the new Russian weapons and weapons from North Korea, which are used by many of the Iraqi army. The last file is arming Iraqi forces some Iranian arms medium and heavy, including the Iranian missiles are important. Sources indicated that Iran is serious about deploying missiles in Iraq under the pretext of selling them to Iraqi forces, because the experts of these missiles will be on present over Iraqi territory if it was agreed to that already. Said The sources said the Iranian government works to intimidate its allies in Iraq, security risks at home and to coordinate between the Iraqi Kurdistan region and Turkey, it is supposed to enter the Persian Gulf states to destabilize the ruling al-Maliki, in order to force the Iraqi authorities to accept the display of military cooperation.

    The delegation's visit Iran's military response to a previous visit carried out by the Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army Babiker Zebari to Tehran in November of last year, amid reports of reservation and Washington to visit the Iranian delegation, because it has information that Tehran wants to conclude a military agreement with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in soon as possible.

    The researcher believes the strategic military, Major General Hussein Jassim Al Khadir said Iran planned and is pushing for the signing of a military agreement with Iraq, but the presence of U.S. troops prevented it. He said the Iranian government may be offered military cooperation with their Iraqi counterparts for four to five times since the U.S. withdrawal the full end of the year .2011 She feels that put appropriate at the present time for both countries in light of Mattiyan two main in-Maliki believed that the fall of the regime of Bashar al-Assad would be a political danger was that Iraq would need to support the defense and security Iranian to face security risks and potential consequences of the change in Syria. She said the second thing that Iran wants to speed up military cooperation with Iraq in order to sign him to a camp in the face of the draft Federation of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which will be from the standpoint of the Iranian federation to form a military force comparable to strike Gulf and perhaps superior to Iran's theory in the region.

    Iranian missiles on Iraqi soil to defend the atmosphere of Syria - Dinar Recaps

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