Iranian frigate Alvand to transit Suez, sister ship sunk by US

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    The frigate the Iranians intend to sail through the Suez is a British built frigate. The Iranians originally had 4 of these but one, the Sahand was sunk by harpoon missiles in 1988 after firing on a US A-6 Intruder. Another one, Sabaland was crippled by a LG bomb during the same engagement.

    Alvand Class

    Gun 1 4.5" gun in single mount
    2 35mm automatic cannon in single dual mount
    3 20mm automatic cannon in single mounts
    2 12.7mm machine gun in single mounts
    Missile 1 quintuple launcher for Sea Killer SSM (Removed by 2002)
    1 triple launcher for Sea Cat SAM (Removed by 1995)
    2 double launchers for C-802/Noor SSM (Refit 2002)
    Anti-Submarine 1 Limbo ASW mortar (Removed by 2002)

    Hizballah seriously damaged a Saar 5-class missile ship named the "Spear" that was helping to enforce Israel's blockade of Lebanon with a land based C-802 missile on 14 July 2006.

    The Iranians have been working with the North Koreans in improving the guidance of the C-802 and the Chinese say the hit probability of their version is 98% due to powerful antijamming and a low approach vector of 5 to 7 meters above the surface thereby eliminating any effective defensive measures. It also has a range of 120 kilometers, 74 miles for us Americans.

    So you can see why this ship is giving the Israelis something to think about.

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