Iran vs USA

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by ErikViking, Mar 12, 2007.

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    I heard quite an interesting take on the subject the other day.

    Nothing that will help solving the situation in a peacefull manner but it still gievs an interesting backdrop.

    Before relations broke down between the nations Iran and USA where each others perfect ally. Inabillity to seize this moment made Iran to take an agressive course against Israel, not for any historical reason but rather to get approval of the Arab-world, - to get in to the club sort of.
    Iran has always been sort of an arab-outcast. When USA openly supported Iraq, Iran became utterly isolated. But instead of seeking support in west Iran presisted in trying to make allies within the Arab world.

    USA and Iran actually share the same enemy in al Quida and the Talibans of Afghanistan.

    The "destruction of Israel" is basically one huge political construct by Iran, - isn't that sad in a way?

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