*Iran Next To Go Under*

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*Will Iran Fall Soon*

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. I hope that Iran falls, just like Libya is about to.
    2. Then all other Islamic hell holes.
    3. Lets see a mix up in the Islamic power grid
    4. It won't really matter much which rag head is running things, but it warms me heart to know that they just can't live with each other, seeing they follow a false god, and prohet, who raped 9 year old girls, a murderer, theif, con-artist, loser and all around fool.
    5. I don't think I left anything out, but more than likely I did.
    6. Fall Iran, fall, you shit hole of a country, *Death to Iran*, down with *all* the Islamic Nation hell holes.
    7. Any questions?
    8. *CHECMATE*

    9. Link:Thousands in Iran march in support of Arab revolts - Yahoo! News

    " Thousands of Iranians marched on Friday in Tehran in support of the revolts rocking Bahrain, Libya and Yemen, state television reported.

    Chants backing the protests of majority Shiites in Bahrain, who are challenging the Sunni dynasty's 200-year-old grip on power, dominated the demonstration which unfolded in the capital after Muslim Friday prayers

    "The Saudis are committing crimes and the US supports them," and "Death to America" chanted protesters.

    "Death to Israel," cried others.

    Slogans in support of the rebellion in Libya and protests in Yemen also rang out.

    Tehran on Wednesday withdrew its ambassador from Manama "in protest at the mass killing of the people of Bahrain by its government."

    10. If any Islamic Nation deserves to be over thrown its this one, but really *all* Islamic Nations deserve to be over thrown!

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