Iran, Iraq ready to mend fences

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by Gabriella84, Jul 18, 2005.

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    Seems like the two Islamic countries are ready to become friendly neighbors again.

    Iran's President Mohammed Khatami has welcomed what he called a "turning point" in relations with Iraq.

    He said the current visit by Iraq's transitional PM Ibrahim Jaafari would help patch the wounds inflicted by ex-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

    Mr Jaafari is leading the highest-level Iraqi delegation to Iran in decades.

    Mr Khatami said the security of Iran and Iraq were closely linked and that Tehran would do everything to help restore Iraq's stability.

    "The visit of the Iraqi prime minister to Iran is a turning point in the historic relations between the two countries. It will allow us to heal the wounds and repair the damage caused by Saddam Hussein through joint co-operation," Mr Khatami said.
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    I'm all for it... that will keep Iraq from having to worry about war on its eastern front. I'm sure that a democratically elected Iraqi government will be able to make the right decisions vis-a-vis Iran.

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