Iran Following NK Lead? Time For Every State To Get Serious

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    In an attempt to seperate the 'allies' from one another, Tehran let loose with this:

    Iran Threatens to Rethink Cooperation with UN
    Tue Jun 15, 2004 11:49 AM ET
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    By Louis Charbonneau and Mark Trevelyan
    VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran threatened to review its cooperation with the U.N. atomic watchdog as France, Britain and Germany refused to soften a resolution that sharply rebukes Tehran for sluggish cooperation with the U.N.

    In a letter to the leaders of France, Britain and Germany, Iranian President Mohammad Khatami accused Europe's three big powers of working with Tehran's arch-foe Washington to pile pressure on the Islamic Republic, which the United States says is trying to develop nuclear weapons.

    "Continuation of this behavior under the pressure of America will seriously harm mutual trust and Iran's cooperation with the international community on Iran's use of peaceful nuclear technology," Khatami warned in the letter to Europe's big three, extracts of which appeared in the Sharq newspaper.

    "Continued unfriendly behavior and ignorance of undertakings, will push Iran to consider its different options."


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