Iran and the West will have a self-term

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    The case of aggravation, hostility and confrontation with the West is an urgent need for the Iranian regime which has been associated since its inception, the threat of external and conspiracies by the enemies of the nation, and the file (plots Bank) material are almost always present in the Iranian media to enable more of the system has become threatened after the crisis of legitimacy of the presidential election, and if what was the settlement of the nuclear system will lose under that one of the most important papers internally and externally.
    Here was Tehran's refusal to transfer to enrich uranium outside the country expected and then returned as a result of the Iranian nuclear file to the starting point to get back with all options, including a military strike against Israeli or American.
    Current data on the international scene suggest the possibility of imposing new sanctions on Iran and the exclusion of any military action against them, for the following reasons:
    _ Speech Obama administration is different from the Bush administration is in fact not a change in U.S. strategy, but repositioning the United States with the new realities of power in the global system after the financial crisis and Georgia in particular and the events that came in their context, was not able to change President Bush of his speech to the recognition that it would take U.S. abating so it was Obama is the best option, where rates of change to the President not to the U.S. downturn.
    _ Iran's intransigence and the announcement of your nuclear facility during the negotiations and other behaviors that have fed suspicions of Iran and the Bank and Zadeh of the lack of trust between the parties, and all this is in the interest of promoting the administration's view of America.
    _ There are files that existed between the United States and Russia Caldra missile and other files that can be resolved for Russia's agreement to impose new sanctions against Iran have spoken media source in the Russia military-industrial complex in Russia, the news of the preparation of a basket of contracts for the supply of arms, the total amount of two billion dollars . And including almost one hundred and fifty helicopters helicopter and more than one hundred and fifty tanks T - ninety "Ace" and about two hundred and fifty infantry fighting vehicle BMP-- 3 and a few dozen anti-missile systems to the atmosphere. Information circulating in the press as saying that Saudi Arabia has proposed to Russia to increase the amount of contracts for the purchase of Russian weapons in the future to seven billion dollars. And sometimes go to that story, linking this proposed abandonment by the Russian side of the provision to Iran of anti-missile defense systems to the atmosphere of an S - three hundred.
    Analysts are also expected to be Washington and behind the Russian arms contracts in Saudi Arabia, they want to do to compensate economic returns to Moscow in exchange for renunciation of the possibility of selling rocket launchers, SA - a third of one hundred to Iran.
    _ David Ignatius pointed out in an article in the Middle East entitled to lose the game Iran? Which was a summary of the simulation game held at Harvard to the worsening situation in Iran will be closer to getting the bomb and America will be unable to pass tough sanctions through the United Nations and strained diplomatic relations with Russia, China, Europe and Israel threaten to carry out unilateral military action, this simulation shows the On the other hand that the possibility of a military strike remains an option, especially if we know that the American strategy is based on the Israeli superiority in the region and if we bear in mind that the U.S. occupation of Iraq based on intelligence reports false and trumped-up charges and any attack on Iran would have disastrous consequences for all actors in the the region and could expect no reaction from the Iranian regime by virtue of decision-making mechanism there, and this will harm the interests of Russia and China and Europe are much greater than their commitment to new sanctions against Tehran
    _ Rejected Turkish mediation by Iran and the exclusion of acceptance in the future because that will mean a greater role of Turkey in the region at the expense of Iran, which wants to be the most important player in it.
    The imposition of new sanctions and the continuation of Iran in its nuclear program, the processing of new nuclear installations, Iran's economy would cost too much, which would be more internally Iozm conditions, system options limited as the reformist opposition considered waiver of the right to enrich uranium overcook Iran's legitimate rights, and the steps it considers the current unwise policies led to the isolation of Iran and of the things that will contribute to the ongoing demonstrations and protests against the regime which, despite six months after the election is still ongoing, and this is the best option for the United States (weaken and overthrow the regime from within)
    Who would have the self-term in this confrontation? Certainly the United States it difficult to persuade Russia and China to impose new sanctions against Iran, the latter, if accepted will not be affected significantly, but the situation in Iran will be much harder there is no confrontation relentless internal and external fronts.
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    Apparently so.

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