Invention, Truth and Trust

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    Ya OK most of you know me as the cranky Republican that hates the neo cons and wants to see all the churches burned to the ground. Yadda yadda yadda...

    I invite you to step aside from the rants for a moment and join me in my world of invention which is really a world of invention, truth and trust. More simply it is a world of observation.

    Smoking a cigarret on the sidewalk outside the restaurant a few minutes ago I made an obversation I have witnessed thousands of times. The restaurant is at the corner of busy intersection with 4 cross walks. Everyone that uses the crossing button hits it several times in frustration as if they do not believe (1) it works (2) it needs to be smacked half a dozen times to work (3) They simply do not trust a tried and true system.

    The strange thing is that the system of cross walk buttons ALWAYS works. Every time.

    The truth is that no one believes it will work for them...ever.

    Maybe it is nothing but I wonder why no one seems to have trust in this system. Is it because we all pay fror it? is obviously a "socialist" system. Does that make it inherently less reliable?

    Now don't go sideways on me now.. I am an inventor...I invent practical construction and communication devices and systems. Without our free markets my efforts would never be rewarded. The truth is that markets are meaningless without customers and a system to protect stability in the marketplace. That is the foundation of our system that allows me to trust that my ideas have a chance to succeed.

    I'm not nervous about our future. Watching other peoples behavior at cross walks does not make it easy.

    Your thoughts?

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