Inventing Consensus

Discussion in 'Economy' started by sparky, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Miami Herald Invents a "Consensus Among Economists" to Push Social Security Cuts
    Friday, 09 July 2010 21:40
    The Miami Herald took first place in the contest to have the most inaccurate article on Social Security when it printed without challenge an assertion that: "For awhile, there's been a consensus among economists that raising the retirement age makes a lot of sense." This is obviously not true, since there is no shortage of economists who do not agree with this view and it is quite possible that a majority of economists do not agree with this position. Any reporter who had researched this topic at all would know that the assertion is not true and would not present it to readers as being true.

    Miami Herald Invents a "Consensus Among Economists" to Push Social Security Cuts | Beat the Press

    now think for a moment, why would any reputable economists sign onto this drivel?

    they never seem to have the right time at the convention, so how is it they can chronologically calculate the lifestyle of our future existence collectively?

    does anyone else hear George laughing from the great beyoud?

    [ame=]YouTube - George Carlin - The Owners of This Country[/ame]
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    Consensus among economists?

    Yeah, right, that'll happen.

    We cannot even arrive at consensus about whether or not the polar icecaps are melting and let's face it...that's not really an issue that CAN BE based on POV. They either are or are not shinking.

    Economics is as much a study in political PHILOSOPHY as it political science.

    And the metrics in economics? They are more in FAITH more than reality.

    If you want near certainty be an accountant, not an macro-economist.

    And even then the FASB is as much a philosophical exercise as a study of the facts.

    When it comes to any study of man and his society, one must accept that one is working with less than perfect data, and one must accept that ones cherished givens might be wrong, too.

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