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    I bought the unlocked/rooted Kodi box.

    I have over 4,000 channels and I watched finding Dory in HD in my living room while it was still in theaters (pure streaming, no illegal downloads). I was also able to watch UFC 202 live on August 20th (great main event!) without having to order a PPV.

    No monthly subscription.

    It is also my new emulating machine. It can handle the classical emulators from Atari thru PlayStation Portable. PS3 controllers are plug and play ready for this machine. I have over 5,000 video games to choose from, thanks to Google web search search.

    Since I have NAS options with my router, the thousand or so movies/shows I have can be streamed to this device as well.

    "What are the legalities?" you might ask. Well, it's openly sold on Amazon, with orders being fulfilled and shipped via Amazon LLC. I'm an Amazon Prime member, so I also got free two-day shipping on that and virtually every order I place.

    Oh, and I'm typing this message from my Kodi box. Any wireless keyboard/mouse can be plugged in.

    Eff Netflix, Hulu, Dish, and Time Warner. Eff them all in their stupid effin' ears!

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