Interpreting the 2006 Election Results

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    Do Something Bush
    By Judith A. Klinghoffer
    December 27,2007

    In 2004 the American people voted for the man who promised to stay the course in Iraq and continue the fight against violent Islamists. Following his victory, George W. Bush put aside that mandate and focused on “fixing” Social Security.

    The result? Not only a failed domestic and foreign policy but serious set backs in the war against terror, most particularly in the Iraqi battlefront.

    The American people expressed their disgust with Bush’s incompetence by voting for Democrats in 2006. They did not vote for defeat. They voted against staying a losing course. Bush heard and acted. He found a general not only willing to fight but also willing to ask for the means to do so.

    Yes, democracy works, though not always in the manner preferred by the transnational elites. The American people do not yearn for war. The opposite is true. But once they commit to a fight, they do expect their leaders to make the investments needed for victory and will turn on those who do not.

    That was the real meaning of the 2006 elections and those who understand it will win the 2008 election as they have won every single election during the Cold War. American do not elect defeatists, if they can help it. And they punish those who mislead them. Power seekers beware.

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