Initially the US "Nanook" expedition (1946) now turns to be the main Canadian Artic

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    Initially the US "Nanook" expedition (1946) now turns to be the main Canadian Artic PR tool.

    Meet another Canadian window dressing... If Canadian does something real, he certainly does it for show and the whole world should know that he – CANADIAN – did it! No way....
    Now Tremble the Universe – the Canadian fleet is out for the Nanook military exercises ( [ ] OP NANOOK 2011| Canada Command )!! The Canadian Mass Medias stormily reports about the mighty power and bellicosity of the Canadian military. I cry... My dog refuses to eat her feed... f#ck@ng animal.... The mightiest, the strongest and having never suffered a defeat Canadian army "unwittingly" remind us about the Canadian Arctic claims and their territorial interests. Personally I’m, as well as my poor dog, scared. Are you scared? Look, as far as I can judge according to the Canadian press reports, the Canadian militaries are ready to annihilate the whole world right now and to start the Arctic energy resources production. Be careful, they’re CANADIANS, they can!!! Aahahahaha)))) Guess, for the own good here in the US we should immediately reconsider our Arctic interests... at least that is our last chance to get a pardon on behalf of our CANADIAN neighbors!!

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