Increasingly, "Peace" means "Sustainable Development"

Discussion in 'Economy' started by rdean, May 17, 2010.

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    I was watching "Morning Joe" and the guest was Mohammad Yunus, Nobel prize winner. The guy started his bank with a 27 dollar loan to a group of poor in Bangladesh and now has assets of 8.2 billion. They specialize in "micro loans" and the idea is to "grow the business".

    Ahh, it's refreshing to see someone get rich without screwing over fellow citizens.

    Would be a novel change in this country.

    Worldchanging: Bright Green: Yunus in Stockholm: The Secret of Grameen Bank

    That 300,000 "Phone Ladies" now make good livings keeping people connected, that 85,000 beggars are now part of a program that teaches them how to swap out retail sales for the usual handout model of their special enterprise, that 13,000 children of the the seven million illiterate borrowers are now taking out higher education loans and going on to engineering, medical school, even PhD's

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