Inconsistency Killing McCain

Discussion in 'Congress' started by SwingVoter, Nov 1, 2008.

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    McCain's going down Tuesday.

    He might get 250 EVs, but he's going to lose.

    His running mate has been very consistent in her views, in her attacks on the Dems, and her tone. But he's been all over the place. He tried the high road against Jeremiah Wright, but then went down for William Ayers. He tried bringing the debate back to foreign policy, but found himself trapped discussing the economy. One day he's preaching about big government programs he supports, the next day he's calling Obama a Socialist.

    Mac has run an awful campaign strategically. There have been no clear, consistent themes, and he's been afraid to take Obama head on, and in the process has allowed his opponent to define the agenda. Think the time has come for old school GOP strategists like Davis and Manafort to step aside.

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