In == X days == pension funds and savings of HUMAN CATTLE will be declared DEFUNCT

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    If you continue to click the "news" served on a daily basis about "Bank X downgraded by rating agency Y" (1), "Bank X bailed out by 'gov' Y", Bank X gets Financial Injection of Y billion euro/dollars" (2) then you are a beast brainwashed by the BEAST (illuminati). (3)

    In == X days == pension funds and savings of HUMAN CATTLE will be officially declared defunct, as explained by LAST PROPHET long ago.

    Poster comments: (4)
    "The news would be if Moody's wasn't downgrading some European bank. Its almost daily now, and to be honest has lost any meaning."
    Last Prophet replies:
    Ever heard of psy-op?
    Well, the goal of this psy-op was explained long ago by Last Prophet.

    Googling Collapse of Major Banks ...
    "Collapse of Major Banks" - Google Search
    ... angelic google returns the words of LAST PROPHET in first two of the first 10 results
    "swiss" UBS to be used as milestone ...

    Collapse of Major Banks: "swiss" UBS to be used as milestone -
    14 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 13 Jul 2008
    Choosing the "swiss" UBS (1) to officially enter the phase of "collapse of major banks", which in the timeline is located at the end of illuminati ...

    Collapse of Major Banks, Dow & the HORRIBLE TRUTH about YOU

    (1) "bank downgraded" - Google Search
    (2) bank "bails out" - Google Search
    (3) The Big Sect
    (4) From June 2012 thread, where a beast has the 1000th panic attack of the last years of illuminati overtime
    "Moody's to downgrade Spanish Banks in the next few hours! HOLY S**T!!"
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    Idiots will call losing all their money "Unavoidable" or "Doing our fair share".

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