In praise of Conservatism!

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    In praise of Conservatism:

    Thanks to Conservatives:

    -We know that almost half of America is "infected" with a mental disease, Liberalism.
    -We know the proper way a Conservative male solicits another man for a blow job in a public bathroom.
    -We know that the only legitmate religion is Christianity. All other worship of an unseen all powerful guy in the sky just can't be taken seriously.
    -We know that your privacy and rights must be protected unless you are a journalist, woman, muslim, doctor, lawyer, teacher...well heck..just about anyone except a Conservative.
    -We know that the world is 6,000 years old.
    -We know that science funded by oil companies are far more believable then science that comes from Academia.
    -We know that it is okay while running for the United States Presidency, it's okay to ask enemies to hold American Hostages until after the election is over. That's when they will get their supplies and parts.
    -We that the Constitution only protects to "right" to own a gun without restriction and only gives the Government a mandate to have the biggest most expensive military in the world.
    -We know that if a President gets a blow job from an's impeachable..but if any Conservative Politician pays for sex or cheats on his wife..well..boys will be boys.
    -We know that secession is a legal option for all states.
    -We know that a collection of cells in a women's uterus are now a full fledge human being given all the rights that come with that. Except of course in the case of In vitro.
    -We know that human beings in other countries are not really human and it's okay to shoot, bomb, and spirit them off to secret locations for torture.
    -We know it's okay to fund terrorists so long as they are fighting our enemies.
    -We know that it's okay to let terrorists go after they attack a liberal city like New York. ( Who cares? They have a mental disease anyway! )
    -We know that it's okay to call the killings of terrorists, assassinations, if a Liberal President gives the order.
    -We know that if government give away vast amounts of tax payer dollars to make executives rich, it's "Capitalism" but if we use tax payer dollars to help the poor, it's "Socialism."
    -We know that there is only one right way to do anything...the Conservative way!

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