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    I find it unsettling when I read a document that is in terms that a Harvard graduate would have trouble understanding. It is a good way to use language to take advantage of the ordinary person. There is no need for terms that are used only in legal circles to explain things. We should demand for the simplification of all contracts for public use. I also believe they should simplify trade agreements and other official government documents so we can better understand what is going on. I attempted to look at the trade agreement with China to understand it and it is so complicated it is a wonder the governments understand it.
    I understand that in fields like medicine there are terms that are complex to the ordinary person however they are discussing human anatomy, conditions etc. A good doctor however will take the time and explain what they mean. Politicians, lawyers, business people just throw documents at you and believe that a person with almost 2 years of college can fully comprehend a complex legal document let alone others with less education.
    If we as a society can create such perplexing contracts, surely a simple form can be written communicating the same information.

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