In commemoration of those who fought for freedom and peace...

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    Not long ago, 12 KIA bodies were brought back to Korea.
    North Korea found the bodies and notified to the Korean government that the deceased soldiers were of Korean origin.
    The US lost around 30 thousand soldiers during the Korean War.
    It is believed that there many that are still to be found in North Korean soil.
    The US government put a lot of effort to bring them back.
    In 1993, the US and North Korea agreed to cooperate for excavating the war heroes' bodies. Until 2005, 225 bodies were found.
    However, after 2005, relations with North Korea deteriorated after the North launched missile tests.
    The Korean government is negotiating with the North for the excavation of the deceased soldiers, but there is little progress.
    It is a shame...
    We hope that the two countries can come to an agreement so that those who fought for freedom and peace could return to their homeland.

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