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    There are more illegals in the US today than yesterday. Some of these are likely to be terrorists. They have more incentive than ever to come here now that they hear about another "Amnesty" for those that come here illegally.

    Why is it that the President of the US:

    1. Offers this "amnesty" openly?
    2. Doesn't care that Mexico's Government puts out pamphlets teaching people how to illegally immigrate to the US and how get away with it and integrate, even though terrorists could just as easily use the information as illegal immigrants?
    3. Asks the volunteer corps (you know the one that is currently informing Border Patrol Agents of illegals crossing the border and where they are, very successfully I might add, allowing the Border Patrol to actually catch these people and return them to whence they came) to go home?
    4. Doesn't sanction companies that hire the illegals as was promised when the first amnesty was done in the 80s?

    IMO the border is one of the largest threats we face today but it seems to be ignored purposefully by the POTUS.

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