Immigration laws enforced.

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    They have entered this county illegally and worked illegally and broke every immigration law we have and that is a federal crime with a punishment that is not a fine and a path to citizenship. A pardon is not a punishment. If it is, we should pardon every felon.
    They take jobs and lower wages of Americans, thus lowering the standard of living for Americans.
    If they did pay all the taxes required, it still would not offset the benefit they receive and would receive as citizens. They are low wage earners, pay very little in taxes if any at all.
    They produce anchor babies faster than any other race and because those children are American citizens they receive welfare grants, WIC, Medicaid which provide medication, dental and eye glasses, housing and all the benefits any other low income family would qualify for . 350,000 anchor babies born each year.
    In a economy that may never recover, we cannot afford to add more people into our workforce and our social services system, education, legal and healthcare system.
    When they work, they send money earned in the country back to Mexico instead of going back into the economy that paid them. $35 billion year into Mexico’s economy.
    We cannot afford to continue to recognize the 14th amendment because it is costing the American tax payers too much at a time when they are suffering financially.
    How much would immigration reform cost the American tax payers? TOO MUCH.
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    I hate illegal aliens - especially Mexicans. I hate the people that enable them in this country. They are like parasites. What I really hate is the fact that the government does very little to enforce the security of our borders. They are economic trouble everywhere they go. Wonder what it is finally going to take to get this problem "solved" in America? What is going to be the event that triggers the change? Illegal aliens kill many people on our roads every year as they drive with no license, drive drunk, and avoid jail time because of liberal judges. They have established street gangs that are out of control and they do much to promote illegal drug activity within the US. I hope America wakes up one day and sees the light and begin to run all of the illegal aliens out of the country. I also hope they repeal the law that states if you are born in America you are an American. I don't think this should apply if your parents are here illegally. My suggestion? Easy. Round up all the illegal aliens and escort them to the Mexican border. Allow them to walk back into Mexico and make sure they know they are being allowed to walk back into their country where they belong. Before you let them walk back across the border, make sure they understand that the next time they are caught in America they will be "carried" back across the border - dead.
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