Immigration is heating up globally

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    I suggested several years back to build a 40x40' reinforced concrete wall on our Southern border to stop running of drugs, guns, slaves, illegal immigrants, S.American diseases and insects, and any Southern invasion. Seems no one cares, but they maybe eating their words in a few more years if food, water, or other necessities become valuable to foreigners. When will the right get a set of balls and stop this nonsense?

    The Australian refugee boat disaster and the Labor government’s “border protection” regime

    23 December 2010
    The deaths of an estimated 50 men, women, and children in the December 15 refugee boat disaster off the coast of Australia, is the latest devastating consequence of the Labor government’s militarised “border protection” regime. Openly contemptuous of international legal conventions on asylum seekers and the democratic rights of those seeking to enter the country, the entire political establishment upholds the “right” of the Australian state to police its borders and restrict the arrival of refugees and immigrants.

    Attacks on the rights of asylum seekers and immigrants are escalating in Europe, North America, and internationally. Hundreds of people attempting to flee Africa drown each year in the Mediterranean Sea as a result of xenophobic immigration policies in Italy and other southern European countries. Deaths are a similarly routine occurrence along the US-Mexico border, which is now surveilled by unmanned predator drones and 20,000 border patrol agents. At the same time, governments are targeting immigrants and refugees already living within their borders. The US state of Arizona has attempted to tear up the basic constitutional rights of workers of Latin American origin; the French government has carried out mass deportations of Roma people; throughout Europe, Muslims have been systematically victimised.

    The Australian refugee boat disaster and the Labor government?s ?border protection? regime

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