Immgration failure a holocaust

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    For millions of Americans.

    The Government’s failure to enforce our immigration laws has led to a holocaust for millions of Americans because Illegal Aliens take jobs from Americans and lower wages and the standard of living destroying millions of American lives. American children are having to compete with children of Illegal Aliens for their future.

    Obama’s immigration policy is a one man’s amnesty for millions of Illegal Aliens. If children brought here by no fault of their own cannot be deported and American born children of Illegal Aliens cannot be deported there is no chance in hell that their parent will be deported thus another amnesty. Amnesty has been proven not to be immigration reform. Immigration reform begins with enforcement, deportation that will help secure our border.

    The pathetic reason given for Obama policy is they were brought here by no fault of their own and this is the only country they have ever know and it would be a crime to deport them? The real crime is not enforcing our immigration laws and letting them remain here untouched for years. Pathetic is they brought children here from the only home, language and culture they have ever known, separating them from family and friends which proved to be a psychological culture shock that lead them to dropping out of the system and joining gangs. such as MS-13, the Bloods, the Crips, Sur-13, Mexican Mafia, Latin Kings, Surenos, Kurdish Pride, and Mexican Posse.

    The DOJ estimates that a million gang members operate in the United States in gangs
    Criminal Illegal Immigrant Gangs Infest U.S.
    There is no legitimate excuse for not deporting them with their parents because they are going home where they already know the language and the culture and they are older and much better psychologically to adjust. Those that chose to self deport with their children are doing quite well
    My vote for Obama is a vote against my children and grand children and their children and I am not sure I can cast a vote for him. Illegal immigration is the most important issue in the election because it is synonymous with the economy. They don’t pay enough taxes or buy enough products to make it a positive and an asset compared to the benefits they receive and because of Obama’s immigration policy, more will be headed toward the welfare office for welfare grants, food stamps and Medicaid and emergency rooms.
    Obama has made our immigration laws in effect since 1929 void and worthless and it sends the message to those who want to come here a welcome invitation. Illegal immigration of a permanent lower class and a criminal element that will be the demise of this nation and it does not matter if Obama or Romney is elected, the result will be the same because Romney will use the same pandering to stay in office as Obama did. He will “go even farther.” His own words.

    Some have “self deported” because of the economy but as soon as recovery is seen they will be back and those who pay the price will be Americans and their families.
    Think about it. Illegal immigration is synonymous with a failing economy.
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    I am no bleeding heart, but the vitriol against "amnesty" does nothing but provide fodder for the liberal agenda. Unless we can put forth a comprehensive plan for minimizing future illegal immigration and treating those who are here humanely, we are playing a losing game while their children and grandchildren become U.S. citizens who will hate you as much as you seem to hate them.

    What we need to do is:

    1. Complete the Border Fence.

    2. Develop tamper proof identity cards.

    3. Give temporary visas to those who have no criminal history and are self supporting.

    4. Deport those who fail to register within 12 months.

    5. Make return to U.S. after deportation a felony.

    6. Give permanent visas to those who have been self supporting for 10 years, as shown by social security tax records with NO accrued benefits.

    If you don't like this approach, what is your solution?

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